Solid surface or man made surfaces differ considerably from natural stone as these materials do not have the same variations and unique markings that quarried materials will exhibit. Solid surface is available in hundreds of colors and visual textures, ranging from solid colors to sparkling marble or granite effects inspired by nature.


Solid surface is available in a vast array of colors and patterns, for example:

  • Infinite solid colors

  • Small multicolored particulates like grains of sand embedded in the sheets

  • Larger particulates such as found in granite

  • Randomly veined with particulates variegated, swirled, and veined patterns with particles that do not repeat

These patterns are often inspired by nature, but then sometimes do not at all resemble nature and are whimsical. Some have swirls of metal shavings or strands of other materials. Some manufacturers also offer custom colors matched to a color sample supplied by you. Work with your Global designer to determine what surface material best fits your needs, budget and design.


You have choices not only in the type of solid surface that will go in your home, but also in its actual design. That design is enhanced by the type of edging you choose. You can opt to go simple with a squared-off, linear cut or choose edging that’s more intricate, with curves and tiers, adding an elegance to the look and feel of your piece.

View the options available as edging for your countertop, island, or tabletop. Each offers an aesthetic that can serve to enhance your personal living space.


Perhaps the most important part of our entire process is the templating phase. A template is the measurement taken prior to installation of your countertop in your kitchen and/or bath. We ask that customers provide a 50 percent deposit prior to any onsite measurements.

Prior to templating, all other components of your room—cabinets, trim, appliances, framing, and walls—should be installed, level, and permanently in place. The following pieces must be available to our technician at the time of templating: cabinets; end panels; cabinet hardware; sinks (as well as manufacturer-supplied templates); plumbing fixtures; cooktops; exhaust vents (only when installing a full-height backsplash); roughed-in electrical outlets; and refrigerators.

Because of the precise nature of the fabrication process, measurements taken during templating must be exact. We use these figures to determine final project costs. And most important, these measurements are what the fabricator will use when cutting and designing your slab.

The template will show the exact details of your kitchen and/or bath countertop, including the layout of your stone; location and size of all seams; cutouts; edge treatment; corners; backsplashes; faucet holes; and any other necessary specifics relating to your countertop. Prior to fabricating your slab, we ask that the homeowner or a representative (a general contractor, architect, or designer) sign off on all templates.


The actual fabrication of your slab will take a minimum of 5 business days to complete. Depending on the complexity of your design and the type of stone you have chosen, it could take up to 10 business days. All deposits are nonrefundable once fabrication has started. We ask that final payment be made upon the delivery and installation of your material.

To ensure installation goes as smoothly as possible, please ensure there is a clear path from your driveway to your kitchen and/or bathroom. Crews should be able to easily navigate your home: Please remove any materials that could impede their progress. You should communicate with your general contractor to make sure no other work is being done in your home at the time of installation.

Global Marble & Granite follows industry protocols, dry assembling all stone pieces prior to applying any adhesive, to ensure they fit your countertop properly. Once we are comfortable with the fit, we will apply an appropriate construction adhesive (this will not damage your stone) to secure it in place.