If you like the look of marble but have shied away from it, Global Marble & Granite can help you reconsider. Trust our experts to guide you through the reasons for choosing marble for your kitchen countertops.

Marble is easy to maintain
With easy routine care, marble can be the perfect choice for kitchen countertops. It’s as durable as it is beautiful. You can easily clean marble countertops with just a bit of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. You will never have to deal with dull, yellow-looking patches that make you scrub. For tougher-looking stains, a paste made of baking soda and water cleans like magic.

Why choose Global Marble & Granite?
We are 100 percent committed to quality; your satisfaction is our number one concern. You’ll find a warm Cape Cod welcome at our showroom in Bell Tower Mall, along with the dedication to your project and the expertise it takes to install your marble countertop.